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One of the leading places among the service companies of the West Siberian region of Russia, that provide services for oil-mining complexes in the field of enhanced oil recovery belongs to ZAO “Sovmestnoe predpriyatie “MeKaMineft”.

Powerful production and technical facilities, highly qualified personnel, modern methods, technologies, world-class equipment allow carrying out a wide range of works on the secondary impact on the geological horizons in order to increase its productivity.

Deeply-penetrating formation hydraulic fracturing and hydro-sandblast perforation of the borehole, bottom-hole formation zone treatment with demulsifiers and various acidic components, well development by swabbing method, lost circulation treatment of the wells equipped with electric submersible pumps; wellbore clean out and well injection capacity restoration, Coiled Tubing unit service – all these and other methods and technologies for impacting tight gas reservoirs to enhance their oil recovery are offered and carried out by ZAO “MeKaMineft” on oil-and-gas fields in Western Siberia and other regions of Russia ...

The activity of ZAO “SP “MeKaMineft” is based on honesty, quality and commitment to excellence.

This is the key of successful development of the enterprise and beneficial cooperation with it.


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